Celebration Mocktails and Cocktails Featuring Florida Grapefruit

‘Tis the season to celebrate. Whether you are gathering with friends or family, its always a great time to try out a new recipe.

We’ve gathered some of our favourite cocktail (and mocktail) recipes that feature Florida Grapefruit.

Florida Grapefruit is in Canadian grocery stores from the end of November until March when stock runs out. Winter is the perfect time to use some of the juiciest grapefruit in your seasonal celebrations.


Paradise Island

This fruity cocktail combines citrus with strawberries for a delicious slice of paradise.

Warm Grapefruit Tea

This tea features holiday spices such as cinnamon, for a wonderful alternative to cider around the holiday tree.

Hot Grapefruit Chung

This sweet syrup is an based on a Korean recipe for a citrus syrup that can be added to hot water for tea, or to sparkling water for a cool beverage.


Ruby Toddy Cocktail

Historically prescribed for a cough or cold, this version of a classic hot toddy may become a favourite holiday drink.

Florida Grapefruit Soju Cocktail

Soju is often referred to as the “Korean vodka.” This delicious cocktail combines the juicy flavours of grapefruit with the mild flavour of soju for an unforgettable cocktail.

Florida Grapefruit Paloma

Elevate this classic tequila-based cocktail with Florida Grapefruit.

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