Celebrate National OJ Day with Florida Orange Juice

April 26, 2024

There’s lots to celebrate in the month of May. In Canada, warmer weather finally arrives, late spring flowers bloom, and May 4th is National Orange Juice Day!

Tap into an ongoing state of wellbeing, which Florida OJ likes to call an #OrangeStateOfMind, with The Original Wellness Drink.

Whether you choose to celebrate because Florida OJ helps replenish the electrolytes that aid in hydration support, offers nutritional support by providing the body with nutrients such as vitamin C and thiamin, or because you enjoy the delicious taste of The Sunshine State from a 1 cup serving.

Whatever the reason, celebrate The Original Wellness Drink this May 4th and all the benefits it has to offer. See the recipes below to inspire and create a Florida Orange Juice featured menu for each course!

For more Florida Orange Juice inspired recipes visit the link below!

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