Meet this Year’s Award Season Watch Party Guest of Honour: Florida OJ

Whether it’s the GRAMMYs, SAG awards, or the Oscars, Canadians love award season. There’s no better way to spend a freezing winter night than sinking into the cozy couch with some friends with a delicious glass of Florida OJ.

Here’s some pro-tips for how to host a watch party, including some of our favourite easy-to-share snacks using Florida OJ.


Get a little creative! Deck out your viewing and entertainment space with a few fun decorations to set the mood. Start with dusting off your Holiday lights or add disco balls, faux film strips (for the Oscar’s), or even cut-out some DIY paper music notes (for the Grammy’s) and tape them to your wall.

Or pick up some fancy napkins and plastic champagne glasses to make it feel like a real awards afterparty (one where you can ditch formal dress-ware and sub out for some cozy PJs).

Dress Code

If PJs aren’t your style, then host your party in style. Much like celebrities on the red carpet, invite your guests to wear their best outfits for the evening. Perhaps even host a “best-dressed” contest?

If going fancy isn’t your flavour, get creative. Invite guests to dress up as nomination categories or try to guess and dress like the best actor/actress.

Prep For the Day Like a Star

Never go hungry on big event days. Before you decorate and prep, make sure you fuel up for the day. Don’t forget to serve breakfasts’ best sidekick, The Original Wellness Drink.

To help hydrate through the day, serve up some Florida OJ which has nutrients like potassium and magnesium.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate added nutrition into your diet. A 250mL serving of 100% orange juice delivers a package of nutrients that includes vitamin C, potassium, thiamin and folate. If you’re looking for a bit more fibre in your diet, enjoy some Florida Orange slices (while the fruit is in season). If you need inspo for the big day, try serving smoothies, overnight oats, or French toast!

What’s on the menu?

Of course, you can’t forget the food. While food isn’t the focus at awards, it can be (and should be) the star of your party! Here’s a mix of some beverages and snacks to serve while you take in the evening’s events!

The Opening Act (Beverages)

The Main Performance (Snacks and Mains)

The Grand Finale (Dessert)

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