It’s Time To Celebrate Those Everyday Moments

#RaiseAGlass of Florida Orange Juice To Celebrating The Everyday Moments

Now is the perfect time to start a new tradition and #RaiseAGlass of Florida Orange Juice to celebrate the everyday moments we’ve missed over the last year.

Whether it’s Sunday brunch with grandma, or the kids heading back to school, let’s make all these occasions count by pausing to recognize the little moments that make life worth celebrating.

Do that with The Original Wellness Drink! Full of essential nutrients, including vitamin C, potassium, folate and in fortified juices calcium and vitamin D. Research shows 100% orange juice has many benefits to support overall health. It also tastes great!

In Orange Text is the phrase "Did you know?"

Most cartons of 100% orange juice sold in the refrigerated section of Canadian grocery stores contain juice from Florida Oranges!

Join us and #RaiseAGlass of Florida Orange Juice to celebrate dinner on the patio with friends, to teachers back in the classroom, and Sunday brunch reunions with family.

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