Bone Health

100% orange juice has a unique blend of components that may have beneficial effects on bone health. Fortified orange juice is considered an excellent source of calcium, and many fortified juices include vitamin D to help support bone health. (Weaver) Fortification of orange juice with vitamins D2 or D3 was reported to be just as effective as an oral vitamin supplement in maintaining vitamin D status in adults.(Biancuzzo). Similarly, vitamin D fortified orange juice was effective in increasing blood vitamin D levels in children.(Economos) An NHANES analysis reported that consumption of calcium and vitamin D fortified orange juice was positively associated with increased (?) femur bone mineral density in children and with increased (?) femur bone mineral content in children and adults.(Lee)

Orange juice is also a good source of potassium and contains organic acids including citrate and malate. The combination of the organic acids and minerals helps maintain acid-base balance in the blood.  Unregulated, higher levels of acidity could lead to loss of calcium from bone and reduce bone density and strength. Other components of citrus, particularly polyphenols, may be involved in supportive roles in the mechanisms of bone health through their actions on osteoblasts and osteoclasts (Horcajada, Sacco).


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