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Florida grapefruit, grapefruit juice or orange juice can be great additions to help flavour any meal, provide tasty zing and additional nutritional value. Grapefruit and citrus juices work great with chicken, fish or beef and can even be used in soups and salads. The following recipes provide some new refreshing ways to incorporate grapefruit into your diet and are a tasty way to get an extra serving of fruit each day. Try making one of the recipes for you and your family and discover your inner zest! 

Florida Grapefruit Ideas:
Breakfast – Stir fresh grapefruit pieces into a bowl of granola and yoghurt
Lunch – Add pieces of chopped grapefruit to a fresh, garden salad
Dinner – Top a stir-fry with fresh grapefruit

Florida Grapefruit Juice and Orange Juice Ideas:
Breakfast – Add orange or grapefruit juice into a morning smoothie
Lunch – Make grapefruit juice the basis of a tangy salad dressing
Dinner – Include orange or grapefruit juice in marinades for chicken, fish meat or tofu. When cooking couscous, substitute water for orange juice